Why were devils and evil beings created? Is it not bad to create what is bad and is it not evil to created what is evil?

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Why were devils and evil beings created? Is it not bad to create what is bad and is it not evil to created what is evil?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

In fact, ”no one can question Allah for His acts’’( al-Anbiya 21/23). However, as a necessity of being humans, “we want to be satisfied” (al-Baqara, 2/260) like Abraham (pbuh) in this issue, as it always happens. That is why these questions come to our mind unintentionally.

– Why did Allah create devil and evil things and set them on us then? Is it not bad to create what is bad and is it not evil to create what is evil?

We should state immediately that it is not evil to crate evil. It is evil to commit evil deeds. For, Allah does not create things so that they will be bad but so that they will be good. We transform what Allah creates as good into evil. For instance, Satan was created from fire and fire is the best example regarding this issue.  It is not evil to create fire but it is evil to touch it.  If man controls fire, he will benefit from it.  Otherwise, he will be harmed.

Another example is rain. There are thousands of results of rain. All of them are nice. If some people are harmed by rain due to imprudence, they cannot say, “the creation of rain is not God’s mercy” ; they cannot decree that ‘’it is evil’’.

Allah created angels that cannot commit sins and animals that have no liability. Other than these two beings, Allah created man who can be so perfect as to be better than angels but who can also be so bad as to be worse than animals.  At this point, Allah gave a chance to devil to improve man and gave man an evil-commanding soul.

The world is field of the hereafter. Heaven and Hell, which are two destinations of the hereafter, will be fruits of people’s beliefs and deeds. Therefore, man is subjected to a kind of test. The people that spend their lives on faith and doing righteous deeds by doing all their work on the right way, become worthy of Heaven. The people that follow the contrary way become the people of Hell.

If man does not obey his soul and does not heed Satan, he advances spiritually and can reach a degree higher than that of angels. If he does the opposite, he can fall down to a level lower than that of animals.

As it is known, the base of diamond and coal is carbon. However, they are different from each other because of the difference of array. Likewise, the base of people is the same. All of them have been equipped with  the same material and spiritual devices. However, differences occur among people because of using them rightly or wrongly; in the community, people with a coal spirit appear along with people with a diamond spirit.

Another aspect of the issue is that man is harmed when he obeys Satan but Satan is also held responsible in accordance with the rule “the one who has causes something is like the one who does it”, his torment Hell will increase. The opportunity that devil wants to deviate people from their paths will be a trouble for him and the same amount of the torture of the people that he deviated will be inflicted on him too.

If Allah had wished, he might not have given this chance to Satan. In that case, human soul would have undertaken his task; and the result would not have changed. Satan will incur a lot of loss with the opportunity given to him to deviate people. So to speak, he was punished for his insolence like that.

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